Dans Choreograf Musik Kunstner
Galway Girl Chris Hodgson Galway Girl Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle
Ghost train Kathy hunyadi Baby likes to rock i The Tracktors
Gimme Hope Joanna   Susanne Mose Gimme hope Joanna Eddie Grant
Girls Night Out Cato Larsen Girld Night Out Trick Pony
Git on over Max Perry I can’t get over you The Deans
Glorious Blaze Susanne Mose Nielsen Blaze Of Glory Kenny Rogers
Go Mama Go   Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie Let Your Momma Go’ Ann Tayler
God bless Texas Shirley K Batson God bless Texas Little Texas
Go for it   Maureen & Michelle Jones It’s Late Shakin’ Stevens
Go Back West   Susanne Mose Go Back West Boney M
Let It Be (The Party Album)
Good Night 2B Lonely Maggie Gallegher Good Night To Be Lonely Steve Holy
Got you too Kelli Haugen Captured by loves melodi Rick Tippe
Guys like my husband Susanne Mose Mamma Africa Two in one
Haleys comet   Robbie McGovan Hickie Haleys comet The Deans
Happy Times Gaye Teather Best of friends Dave Sheriff
Heart Of An Angel William Brown Heart Of An Angel Modern Talking
Heart Sore   Susanne Mose Patient Heart
Nothin’ For A Broken Heart Roll
The deans
Vince Gill & Rodney
Heart Of The Ocean   Peter & Alison Mamacita’ Mark Medlock
Heartaches by number   Teresa & Vera Heartaches by number The Deans
Heartbreaker Kate Sala Heartbreaker Blue lagoon
Hearts & flowers Adrian Churm Hearts & Flowers Dave Sherif
Hey Soul Sister


Ruben Luna & Bracken
Ellis Potter
Hey Soul Sister Train from
Heel & toe unknown Rosalee Smokie
Hey hey hey Gary Lafferty Beautiful Sunday Brd. Olsen
Higher & Higher   Max Perry Higher & Higher’
Michael McDonald
Hillbilly rock.. Sheila vee Carol hick Rob Fowler Hillbilly rock.. Woodpackers
High test love Max Pery High test love Scooter Lee

Hit The Road Jack

Alan Birchall

Hit the road Jack

Ray Charles
Holding Back the Ocean   Susanne Mose Holding Back the Oceon Rockie Lynne
Holdin’ You   Lorraine Brown Holdin’ You Gretchen Wilson
Homeward Bound   Paul & Karla Dornstedt Take Me Home Tol & Tol
Honkey Tonk Two Susanne Mose

Honky Tonk Blues

The Tractors
Country Dancing Kings
Honkey Tonk st. ? The right place Dean brothers

Honky Tonk  Stomp

Ukendt Sea Of Cowboy Hats Cheley Wright
Hooked Up Robbie McGowan Hickie Louisiana Rendezvous AdamHarvey
Horsepower Rob Fowler When Horsepower Ment What it Said Sandi Thom
Hot Potato John H Robinson Yoko Cartoons
Hot Tamalies Niel Hale Country down to my soul Sean Kenny
Hotter than Cold
Rob Fowler Hot And Cold Katy Perry
Human Dancer Alan Birchall Human The Killers
I fool 4 U   Susanne Mose Tall tall trees Sean Kenny
I Give Up   Susanne Mose I Can’t Be Bothered  
I Hope You Find It   Niels Poulsen I Hope You Find It Cher
I Run to You   Rachael McEnaney I Run to You Lady Antebellum
Ice breaker Mary Kelly Paitent heart Bekka & Billy
Iko Iko ( Nasdravia) Laura & Becky Michaels Iko Iko Captain Jack
I'm Yours Niels B. Poulsen I'm Yours Jason Mraz

Irish Stew

Lios Lightfoot

Irish Stew

Isle Of Paradise Audrey Watson Isle Of Paradise Blue Lagoon
Is there love Jenny Rocket I* don’t know Dean Brothers
It’s Up To You Kim Ray It’s Up To You Barbara Streisand
It Hurts Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu It Hurts Lena Philipsson
It’s my shirt Robert Lindsay You look good in my shirt Keith Urban