Choreograf Musik Kunstner
S.X.E   Rob Fowler Just a little Liberty X

San Antone

John & Jeanette Sandam

Going to San Antone

The Texas Tornado
Scrap it   Kathy K Mississauga Scrap pieces of paper Paul Brandt              
Sea Of Heartbreak   Niels Poulsen Sea Of Heartbreak Rosanne Cash
Sea salt Sally

Kate Sala.

Sea salt Sally Rick Guard
Sex on the beach   Tom Clarke Sex on the beach T- Spoon            
Shakatak Kate Sala Ciega,Sordomuda Shakira
Shakin Mix   Yvonne v. Baalen Hitmix Shakin’ Stevens
Shala la la   Dynamite Dot Shala la la Vengaboys
Shanias Moment Nathan Easey From this moment Shania Twain

Shaping up

Robbie McGovan Hickie

The Shape I’m In

The Deans
She Believes   Kate Sala She Believes Kenny Rogers
Show Her You Care   Alan Haywood Like She’s Not Yours Bellamy Brothers

Shuffle with your cowboy hat

Susanne Mose

Cowboy hat
I just want to dance with you

Adam Marshall
The Deans

Side by side Patricia E Stott We Work It out Joni Harms
Skiff a Billy   Berit Hansen Shiff a Billy Johnny Earl
Sko & Støvler   ? Coal miners daugh Heidi Hauge

Slow burn

Kathy hunyadi & John H Robinson


The Deans

Smokin’ Drinkin’ Dancin’   Diana Dawson Smokin’ Drinkin’ Dancin’ Heather Myles,
Smile & rumbha   Dawn Sherlock Phillip Austin When my little girl Dean Brothers
Smokey Places   Michelle Perron Smokey Places Ronnie McDowell
Snake oli   ? Any man of mine Shania Twain
Some girls   Steve Mason Some girls Dean Brothers
Sorry Dear   Susanne Mose Sorry Dear John Dean
Southern Deleight   Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord Que si que no Jodi Bernal
Speak To The Sky

Keith Davies

Speak to the sky

Brendon Walmsley
Speak With Your Heart   Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Don’t Tell Me You’re Not In Love Collin Raye
Spin when you’re   Susanne Mose Think of me Mavericks
Splish Splash Jo Thompson Splish Splash Scooter Lee
Stand On It   Susanne Mose Stand On It Mel McDaniel

Stars In My Eyes

Susanne Mose


Kentucky Headhunters
Stealing the Best   Rosie Multari Dance Above the Rainbow Ronan Harriman

Step & Smile

Laurel Ingram

Rodeo Hero

Jeanette Nielsen DK
Stich it up Robbie McGovan Elvis medley Dean Brothers
Streamlinin   Chris & Richard Hodgson Southern streaml John Foggerty
Stroll along cha Rodeo Cowboys Something stupid Mavericks
Stupidville   Audrey Watson Stupidville Cash On Delivery

Suds in the bucket

Luke J Craig

Suda in the bucket

Sara Evans
‘Sugar & Pai’   Kelli Haugen ‘Sugar & Pai’ The Boots Band
Sundown Waltz in Nashville Robbie McGowan Hickie Sundown in Nashville Marty Stuart.
Sweet Addiction   Daniel Wittaker & Kate Sale Should I, Would I, Could I Modern Talking
Sweet little dangerouse   Pete Harkness Sweet little dangerouse Heather Myles
Sweetly Smiles Irma Kragh I Don’t Know What She Said Blaine Larsen

Sweet Nothings

John Dean

Sweet Nothings

The Deans
Sweet sweet smile   Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step Sweet sweet smile Carpenters
3 times you Susanne Mose You You you DSB

20 kisses

Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

I Love My Life

Jamie O’Niel

Tatty Bye


Lizzie Clarke



T.L.C Stev Mason I Need Your Love tonight John Dean
Take These Chains Niels B. Poulsen Take These Chains from My Heart Lee Roy Parnell
Take a breather Maggie Callegher I need a breather Darryl Worley
Tango with Sherif Cha tango Dave Sheriff

Tell me why

Niels Poulsen

Why haven’t I heard

Reba McEntire
Tennessee Waltz Suprise Andy Chumbley Tennessee Waltz Ireen Sheer
Thanks A Lot Robbie McGowan Hickie Thanks A Lot Martina McBride
The Lasso Susanne Mose Surfin’ Smokie
The Little Fireman   Susanne Oates Little Fireman George Strait
The Little Shirt   Audrey Watson The Little Shirt Me Mother Made For Me Hugo Duncan
The picnic polka David Padden Cowboy sweetheart Lee Ann Rimes
The right to remain silent Michelle Burton The right to remain silent Dough Stone
The Boy Does Nothing Maria Hennings Hunt The Boy Does Nothing Alesha Dixon

This Little Light

Jo Thompson

This little light

Scooter Lee
This & That Gary Lafferty Woman Mark Chesnutt
Thunder foot Adeleide & Joe Avila Every little thing Charlene Cater
Time To Swing   Andrew and Sheila Time To Swing Helmut Lotti
Toes   Rachael McEnaney Toes Zac Brown Band
Tomorrow never comes Carl Gregreen Tomorrov….. Garth Brooks
T'Morrow Never Knows   Maggie Gallagher Tomorrow Never Knows Bruce Springsteen
Top Of The World Sharon Hutchinson Top OfThe World The Carpenters
Touch’N Go Phil Carpenter Sometimes when we touch Newton
Trust Me Geri Morrison Vincerò Fredrik Kempe
Tumbling Rush Peter & Alison They Call It Falling For A Reason Trisha Yearwood
Tush push Jim ferrazzano Midnight hour Woodpackers
Under The Sun   Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu Under The Sun Tim Tim
Understanding Mambo Susanne Mose Nielsen Piece, Understanding & Love Tamra Rosanes