Choreograf Musik Kunstner
Vertical expression   Teresa & Vera Vertical ex.. The Deans
Wagon Wheel

Steve Lescarbeau

Wagon Wheel Jeremy McComb
Walk Back To Me   Peter metelnick & Alison Biggs Where You Gonna go Toby Keith
Waltz acros Texas Jim Walker Waltz acros Texas Dean Brothers
Walkin the line ? Walkin the line Dave Sheriff

Whatch me now

Max Pery & Kathy Hunyadi

Do you love me

The Countours
Wave on wave Alan Birchall Wave on wave Pat Green
We Believe Robbie McGowan Hickie Rivers of Gold Fame
Wee Heidi   Audrey Watson Heidi Kurt Darren
Welcome To The Weekend   Karl Harry Winson Welcome To The Weekend Nathan Carter
We´re live Masters in line2002 I´m alive Celine Dion
What if we fly Maggie Gallegher What if we fly Chely Wright
What about Livingstone Louis James Sequeira What about Livingstone ABBA
What You Gonna Do With The Band   Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk ‘A Band’s Gotta Do What A Band’s Gotta Do The Refreshments
When   Winnie Yu When Showaddywaddy
What’s Not To Love June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire What’s Not To Love Trick Pony
Where I stand   Susanne Mose From where I stand Suzy Bogguss
Where I Belong   Maggie Callegher That’s Where I Belong Alan Jackson
Wher we’ve been   Lana Harvey Wilson Remember when Alan Jackson
Whisky in the Jar   Maggie Callegher Whiskey in the Jar Shamrock
Who I am   Susanne Mose Who I Am Alan Jackson
Who did you call darlin’   Kevin Smith & Maria Fletcher Who did you call Heather Myles
Whole again Sue Johnstone Whole Again Atomic Kitten
Why Don’t We Just Dance   Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Why Don’t We Just Dance Josh Turner
Wild wild west boogie Chris Hookie Kiss an angel good morning Heather Myles
Wild   Craig Bennett Wild Horses (Radio Mix) Soo-Bo feat Tee Webb
Wrapped around Masters in line 2002 Wrapped around Brad Paisley
Wrong Side of the Road Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs I Can't Lie Maroon
Yolanda   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Yolanda Joe Merrick
You and I   Oli Geir & Hugrún Someday Hera Böjrk
You're Amasing   Guyton Mundy Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars
You Can’t stop Love   Berit Hansen You Can’t stop Love Tamra Rosanes
You're My Destiny   Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs You Can Get It Mark Medlock &
Dieter Bohlen
You’re so naughty Brian Holland He drinks tequila Sammy Kershaw
Lorrie margan

Yes You Won’t

Johanna Barnes & Bryan McWherter

You Don’t You Won’t

Billy Gillman
Zjozzys Funk Petra Van de Velde Bacco Perbacco Zucchero